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Did you know that mink lashes were designed to be durable. Daily wears to a strip lash on your eyes should be well maintained. When you're looking to accomplish a desired look or an altered ego feeling to maintain a desired emotion, one must take exceptional care of your lashes.  Lashes from a good company can be preserved for at least 10 to 15 wears truthfully, if taken care of properly.   In order to get your bang for your buck care routines is a must.  Below you will find directions to maintain your strip lashes.

* Always be gentle with yours natural lashes.  Keep them cleaned and makeup free when applying your strip lash. This will maintain lasting wear.

*After wears you want to delicately remove excess glue with a pointed tweezer.  Here is wear you want to gently pick the glue away from the lash band.

*Always store your lashes away. Preferably in the original lash case if it is decorative and worth keeping.

*Avoid mascara.......mascara, regular or waterproof  can damage mink lashes.  I recommend not using mascara if you are wearing individuals or strips 

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