Can I trust this brand?

She Bat's Lash Co.  has a lot in common with you.  We are a new company with years of experience with lashes.  I never could find anyone who were willing to share insightful information about the industry or the ability to preserve my purchase of lashes in local beauty supplies.  I started brand testing lashes and discovered their was Alteredego looks that were more durable, long lasting, and worth selling.  She Bat's Lash Co. trust and stands behind our lashes.

Is my contact information compromisd?

No, She Bat's Lash Co. do not share or sell your information. 

Will I receive tracking information

Yes, once your purchase is packaged and packing label is printed and a tracking number is generated.   You will then receive email notifying you your order has shipped. 

Can Items be returned?

No, Unfortunately we do not allow returns due to the state of our world today.  Videos of each lash is attached to product to provide visuals of the lash from all angles. 

Are your lashes cruelty free?

Yes, per my manufacturer no animals are harmed to produce our lashes.